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    Why you dona��t have to visit Kashmir or the Swiss Alps for a snowy experience

    YOU can catch some snowfall down ECR this summer, thanks to the recently opened snow theme park at VGP Universal Kingdom. Covering an area of 13,775 square metres, with a capacity to hold 400 people at a time, the VGP Snow Kingdom claims to be the biggest in Tamil Nadu and is sure to be a huge draw for those who want to beat the heat while having some fun. At minus six degrees, with plenty of fun activities, the theme park will make your little onea��s day.
    On entering the lobby of the gigantic dome, we find parents helping their children into insulated jackets, gloves and rubber boots. Before being led to the main snow park, we areA� first required to enter a cold-air lock room to prepare for the blast of snow inside. Post that, ita��s an hour of activities like snow mountain climbing, sledding, snow basket ball, and a snow dance to ensure the entire family is occupied. Our favourite is the snow slide with a number of visitors lining up, waiting for their turn to go down the icy slope on an inflated rubber ring. Go prepared for snow fight sessions with your group and herea��s a valuable tipa�� use the snow igloo as a shield from attacks!
    A snowfall machine produces a fresh shower of powdery snow every hour.A� Only one question lingers in our mindsa��how is the snow actually produced? The director of the place, Raja Jupudi explains, a�?a�?The snow is made from a combination of drinking water and air.A� We also plan to open another snow park in Mumbai.a��a��

    Eight to 10 sessions are held every day at Rs 250A� per person. Details: snowkingdom.com, 24492126

    Nandita Natrajkumar & Ann Mary Easow


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