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    Eoin Macken hopes season three of The Night Shift has more war games

    WITH an ensemble cast, here’s yet another medical drama for the viewers. The creative brainchild of Gabe Sachs and Jeff Judah, The Night Shift will have dramatic emotions and fast-paced action. Eoin Macken will be seen playing the lead role, with the show being set in a military hospital. But the actor, who was last seen in the fantasy-adventure series Merlin, admits that playing the role wasn’t easy. More from him:

    How would you sum up the character of TC Callahan?
    Callahan is a bit of a rogue. He’s a military doctor who served in Afghanistan and he’s a little bit of a renegade. He’s a very intelligent man, but he’s also very volatile and he does what he thinks is best.

    What’s the common ground between you and him?
    I think where I associate or empathise with Callahan is how he believes he’s right and he doesn’t like authority. He likes to do things his own way.

    What did you take away from the show?
    I learnt a lot about the military, about how important it is in American culture. I learnt a lot that I didn’t really understand about people who are army vets and what they’ve gone through and how they are re-acclimatising into society.

    You must be thrilled that it’s just been picked up for a third season.
    I think the third season will be interesting because everything is set up now and the exploration of where the characters come from is pretty much done. So you’re able to evolve.

    What would you like to see happen?
    In the end of season two, they went back to Afghanistan and that was really interesting. I’d like to do some more of the military stuff because I think that’s a different aspect to the show that a lot of people connect with and a lot of people like. Even though it’s set in a hospital, I’d like to see them go abroad a bit more because I like all the on-the-field stuff.
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