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    The weekend may have started off like any other, with us lookingAi?? forward to the start of Christmas festivities, maybe indulge in a little retail therapy, and perhaps catch a few shows as well. But all such thoughts were forgotten with the news of our Chief Ministerai??i??s passing, leaving the city in a state of shock. From the quiet and desolate streets outside, to the outpouring of feelings on social media, itai??i??s safe to say that her impact was great, and many find themselves pondering over the future. We spoke with some of the cityai??i??s prominent personalities, many of who have cancelled their events as a mark of respect.

    Tamil Nadu politics will never be the same without Amma, who was an inspiring, iconic and visionary leader. An era has come to an end. The lull in the city is very understandable. In spite of the passing of one of our greatAi?? leaders, there has been calm and peace in the city, which is incredible, and the police force has worked tirelessly round the clock. Being a neighbour of Amma for the last 20 years in Poes Garden, I have watched her convoyAi?? of cars go by every day. There is a hugeAi?? vacuum now and Poes Garden will neverAi?? be the same without her.

    Vidya Singh
    Wedding Planner, Sumyog
    It is a sad time for our state, with the passing of J Jayalalithaa ai??i?? an iconic fearless leader who was loved and worshipped with an almost cult status. With due respect to her demise, several events in our city have been cancelled. Among these events was a visit by Ritu Kumar, who was to talk to us about herAi?? journey with textiles and her involvement with the revival of ancient embroidery, and the art of zardozi work.

    Sameer Sethi
    Event organiser
    The ones who love us never really leave us! Our beloved Amma was an excellent administrator, and a messiah of the poor and needy. Loved, respected and adored by the masses, she was a larger-than-life personality for all of us in Tamil Nadu. Her demise has left a void in our lives, and in our hearts. Her legacy will live on with us, and we need to carry her work forward. She was truly an inspiration.

    Shweta Mahtani
    Curator, Big Feed
    As a mark of respect to a true and powerful leader of her own merit and her own making, who has done a lot for women and young girls,Ai?? we at Big Feed have postponed our launch to a later date, when we are all in a better frame of mind.
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