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    The Delhi-based comic on her solo show and how she falls a little short of being sanskari.

    One of the few women standup comics in India, Neeti Palta is known for offering ‘the female perspective’ on societal observations. Speaking about her journey, the former advertising professional states that she knew she could write, “When I was six and used to write nasty limericks to bug my elder brother. Let’s just say I have a talent for earning my bruises.” Her solo show, Almost Sanskari, debuts in the city tomorrow as part of Evam Standup Tamasha. The 38-year-old comic says that,“This show is for those who are a little bit nice. But also definitely a little bit naughty.”

    All in good fun
    The Delhi-based comic, who has been doing stand up for almost six years now, feels that one of the major challenges facing female comics today is, “Male comedians cross dressing as women and taking away our rozi roti.” Recalling how she became drawn to her craft, Palta relates a story of how she had gone to see Colin Mochrie and Brad Sherwood (Who’s Line Is It Anyway? fame) perform in Delhi where she was one of the volunteers who provided sound effects on the mike. “I decided to have fun and started randomly yelping like a dog and making crazy sound effects,” she says. After getting a great audience reaction and a compliment from Mochrie who admitted that they never usually picked female volunteers for this round as they tend to be ‘reticent’, Palta had found her calling. “That was it. I decided to take it up as a challenge as ‘reticent’ isn’t an adjective people would ever use to describe me.” Speaking about her act, Palta­—who is currently working on her next solo—says that the show will touch upon everything, “From my upbringing to my parents, sibling rivalry to Indian men in general, complicated issues that Indian women have to deal with—it’s all the stuff that makes me fall just a little short of being sanskari.” Palta is headed to Bengaluru next.
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    —Simar Bhasin


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