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    Virtual city sightseeing through WoNoBO

    From street painting and waterfalls to restaurants and underpasses, get a spy view of Bangalore thanks to the WoNoBo mobile app. Genesys International Corporation (NSE GENESYS), a leading geospatial company has launched the app on the PlayStore, allowing for the first time ever, Indiaa��s streets to be viewed in 360-degree walk-throughs on any Android smartphone. Chandigarh, Mumbai, Chennai and coastal Goa are among the 14 cities that can be viewed, with 54 more expected soon.

    Wander free
    Once you have downloaded the app for free, you can explore the interiors of the Ajanta and Ellora caves or marvel at the Taj Mahal. Sajid Malik, CMD, Genesys International says that this will not only change how people travel but will also give you a preview before the real thing. a�?The app makes it possible to share aspects of your lives in a manner that hasna��t been possible before. Users can share their schools, colleges, offices, favourite restaurants and just about anything else they love,a�? he says, adding that users can access over 10 million a�?points of interestsa��, such as hotels, shops, monuments, parks and interiors of key locations.

    Trek through town
    For the city specifically, we love the virtual guided tours that include a charming colonial city church walk, the Cubbon Park walk and the filmy Deepika Padukone walk, which leads you to her alma mater Sophia High School and Mount Carmel College through stadiums shea��s trained at for badminton.

    The application will also revolutionise giving directions, with the creators hoping to get people to use WoNoBo to send graphic directions when needed. And with street views that clearly show potholes and tree stumps, we dona��t doubt that it will, indeed catch on soon!

    Details: wonobo.com

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