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A dream, a pool party, and the royal family a�� Videos that kept the Internet abuzz past week

Bollywood calling
Among the many Fathersa�� Day short films still doing rounds is Google Indiaa��s The Hero a�� A Bollywood Story, with more than 1,267,108 YouTube views. It is about a son who decides to fulfill his fathera��s Bollywood dream. Turns out, his dad wanted to be an actor, but his grandfather called him back home to Shimla, and he spent the next 40 years working as a manager at a cinema hall. He also vowed never to step into Mumbai. Now, his son hatches an elaborate plan to get him to the City of Dreams. The six-minute film will leave you teary-eyed, reminding us that fathers often put their familya��s dreams before theirs.

Too cool for school
Pool parties are fun, but not for five-year-old Chesapeake Bay retriever, Beya. A video showing her looking absolutely disinterested in a pool party, surrounded by a happy lot of canine pals, and toys, made it to Facebook last week, and has earned her the nickname of a�?Non-Swimming Doga��. It was uploaded by Happy Tails Resort in Virginia, which threw a party for their in-house pups. According to the owner of this doggie day care, Beya knows how to swim, but she a�?does it (stands motionless looking into the camera) every single time she gets in the poola�?. She is, we guess, socially awkward, and has the sympathies of 15 million netizens worldwide.

Queena��s the boss
When the British Royal family came together for Trooping the Colour Parade a�� a yearly tradition in honour of the queena��s birthday, they gave the public a rare look into their family dynamics. Netizens across the globe were happy to note that theya��re just a regular family like the rest of us. A five second clip started making the rounds a few days ago. In the video, the queen is seen nudging a comfortably seated Prince William and ordering him to stand up and watch the parade, from the Buckingham Palace balcony. Surprised at first, he then promptly follows his grandmothera��s orders showing that she is the boss after all.

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