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    Featuring gold plated and fabric wallpaper, Studio Marvel aims to be your only destination for makeovers

    From a mere alternative to painting your walls, wallpaper today meansA� making a statement with highly embossed or gold plated options and more. Given the demand for wallpaper solutions, Chennai-based Studio Marvel is confident about finding takers for new-age trends. With access to 50,000 designs, imported from countries like Germany, Korea and Spain, their new store is reportedly the largest wallpaper address in South India. Clients include Toni & Guy, Naturals and other commercial establishments in the city. Talking about Studio Marvela��sA� USP, director of the company, Moin K Abdul Razack, says, a�?a�?We offer lifetime warranty and we dona��t sell on roll basis, but based on the wall space. Thus, therea��s no wastage.a��a��If you have a wall in, say, your living roomthat requires a pick-me-up, you can choose from options like 3D wallpaper and contemporary floral patterns fromRsA� 35 per sq foot (approx). They install it free of charge
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    Their highly-embossed wallpaper could actually pass for moulded wall textures. There are bold prints and plain options in a variety of modern colours. For a luxe touch, go for a pureA� 24 kt gold effecta��think French boudoir or Middle East impact (priced at Rs 40,000 per sq ft). And for an edge to your office space, they offer customised flooring, with anti-skid features. Imagine, you could put your company logo on the floor.
    From Rs 35 per sq foot. Details:43123300

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