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A concept which will make indie cinema available to the right audience

After the success of Love, Wrinkle-free a�� a crowd-funded film which was released through PVRa��s Directora��s Rare in 2012, writer-director Sandeep Mohan has come up with a new way to promote his second film, Hola Venky! Mohan calls it The Great Indian Travelling Cinema, and will screen the film in conference halls of corporate offices for an audience to enjoy the film with their friends and colleagues in a relaxed environment. He will also be available for interactions after the screening.

Outside the box
a�?I think my fans fall under the a�?new age working classa��. So with no budget for advertising and inconvenient show timings, this idea works best,a�? reflects Mohan, adding, a�?I thought that it might be a good idea to take this film into their offices/homes at a time convenient for them. Like they say, necessity is the mother of inventiona�?. Mohan has never experienced the Travelling Talkies himself but loved the idea. a�?It is a very romantic concept, and I am just giving it a new twist by carrying Hola Venky! into offices and homes of people,a�? he enthuses.

Rocky road
No project is complete without its set of challenges and for Mohan the logistics were tough to handle. a�?Since I am on my own, carrying the projector, a small screen and the blue ray player, was a struggle,a�? he shrugs, a�?Plus, I have to ensure that the film plays properly right through without any technical glitches otherwise the entire experience will be completely ruined.a�?

Slice of life
Hola Venky! is a comedy-drama that tells the story of Venky, an Indian techie, and how he is forced to question the stereotypical notions of masculinity after a traumatic life-changing incident.It promises to be an entertaining film with broad, universal sensibilities made within the constraints of a three-member crew and a budget of `10 lakhs.

Rs100 per head. The next screening is open to the public on January 17 at Moonraft Innovation Labs, HSR Layout. Details: 41139284