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    While Jaden Smith threatened to get emancipated from his parents last year and Macaulay Culkin is the pin-up boy for it, these celebrities choose to break away from their families.

    Far from nirvana
    Clearly the Cobains dona��t have it easy
    when it comes to any kind of relationship,
    and the young Frances Bean is bearing the brunt of her parents. Back in 2009, Courtney Love was given a restraining order, keeping her away from Frances, her daughter with deceased rocker Kurt Cobain. Due to several drug relapses and accusation of physical abuse, the then 16-year-old Frances lived with Kurta��s mother and sister. Once she turned 18, she filed for emancipation and eventually won. Till date though, the two have remained estranged and Love even owes her own
    daughter about $3 million, which she
    technically stole from the youngstera��s trust fund. Incidentally, Love divorced her parents at the age of 16 and supported herself 0506Hollywood4a
    illegally as a stripper.

    All grown up
    While shea��s made plenty of mistakes
    in her life, Selena Gomeza�� biggest one might just be Justin Beiber. Disappointed that the 21-year-old constantly went back to him, Gomeza�� mother, Mandy Teefey and step-dad Brian apparently tried controlling the singer. The older couple, whoa��ve been managing her career and finances since Disney days, were taken by surprise when last year she decided to cut them loose. Catching them off guard, Gomez relieved them from all duties related to the management of her career because
    she felt she a�?had outgrowna�� her parents.

    Bad workmanship
    On May 15, Ariel Winter finally got free of her mother after winning a battle to legally
    separate from Chrisoula Workman. In 2012, when the Modern Family star was 14 years old, she alleged her mother hit her. Wintera��s elder sister Shanelle and husband Barry were granted temporary guardianship but since the youngster turned 17, she was granted
    emancipation from her estranged mother. Taking to Twitter she said: I am now officially emancipated!!! Ia��m really lucky I have
    an amazing support system and lovely people in my life who have given me the support
    and guidance to have been given this
    wonderful opportunity.

    Model child
    Taylor Momsena��s career started out very strong, but despite her
    success on screens both big and small, the now 21-year-old has had a turbulent
    childhood. Blaming her mother Collette, the Gossip Girl star says that she was forced into modelling when she was two for a Ford ad and later, because she was constantly signed on for work, she didna��t have a proper childhood. a�?My whole life, I was in and out of school. I didna��t have friends. I was working constantly and I didna��t have a real life,a�? she says. So when she graduated at 16, two years early, she was considered an adult in the state of New York and was free to turn into the wild child she currently is. Now
    busy breaking records, the singer has ditched acting in favour
    of rock music and says she has no regrets.


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