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Learn how you can help your children realise their potential

With our kids growing up in a competitive world of overachievers and prodigies, who among us hasna��t felt that we arena��t doing enough for them as parents? While forumsa��like the 2,698-member strong Wonder Moms on Facebooka��might give parents support, a little professional help is always welcome. Two groups in the city, inspired by the Montessori school of thought, are holding workshops to give parents just that.

Parenting Matters came into being 10 years ago to help parents explore new ideas and practise new skills. a�?We help them understand things from the childa��s point of view. Our parenting programmes, where we work with schools and corporates, teach joyful parenting,a�? says facilitator Mrinalini Ponappa, a graduate in Social and Child Psychology.

In February, Parenting Matters has two workshops planned: on anger management and discipline. Both will be conducted by Ruth Beaglehole, a parent educator from Los Angeles, USA, and founder of Echo Parenting.

On February 5 and 7, at GRT Convention Centre, T Nagar. Fee: A�Rs 2,750. Details: 9962565070.

?A�A� Meanwhile, Nurture Montessori House of Children, with the Indian Montessori Centre, is currently conducting a workshop on Development Psychology. a�?It is targeted at young parents who have a flood of information, but no idea what is pertinent,a�? says facilitator Chitra Mani, a life coach with over three decades of experience in Montessori education. The workshopa��held at Nurture in Anna Nagara��kicked off on January 18 and is on every Saturday until March 22, between 2.30 and 4 pm.

Fee: Rs 200 per session. Details: 9841415394.

a��Surya Praphulla Kumar


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