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    Gear up for a night of Amit Trivedia��s A�biggest hitsA�

    The Red Bull Tour Bus, which has been on the road for about two months now, touring Chennai and Hyderabad, will conclude its Southern journey in the city on Friday, at ITPB. For the uninitiated, it is a superbus that ferries musicians around the country, and also doubles up as the venue for their gigs.
    This time, Bollywood composer, singer and songwriter Amit Trivedi arrives in Bengaluru on the bus. And what is he bringing along for his fans working at the tech park, we ask? a�?Ita��s going to be a mix of songs from my films, and some from Coke Studio. I will be fusing drums, keys, guitar and bass with israj, harmonium and some wind instruments,a�? says the 37-year-old, who broke into Bollywood in 2008 with Aamir, and followed up his critical acclaim with hits such as Dev D, Wake Up Sid, Lootera, Queen, Highway, and Fitoor. Hea��s also a popular name in the Coke Studio, and NH7 Weekender circuits.Trivedi has often been credited with redefining music in Bollywood. His compositions borrow heavily from Indian classical music, and folk tunes, and demonstrate a refined use of instruments. a�?My father never played Bollywood music at home, it was always some bhajan, kirtan, garba, marathi sugam sangeet, mushairya, or dairaa. I guess it got into my system at an impressionable age,a�? says Trivedi, whose latest project Udta Punjab is making waves. April 29. At Whitefield. 5.30 pm. Details: tourbus.redbull.in

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