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    A filmmaker makes a mark, while parodies seem the order of the day

    Adrenalin rush
    If you thought the first three Mad Max films were high-octane, then you best strap yourself in before watching even the trailer of Fury Road. Starring Tom Hardy, in a get up similar to Banea��s, as Max and Charlize Theron as Imperator Furiosa, this two-and-half minute teaser is pure adrenalin and mayhem. Fans will be happy that George Miller (director of the original 1979 film) is back in action and is not holding anything back. It starts off on a crazy race through futuristic desert wastelands, complete with rocket and flame-throwing guitarists, this one even hints of a proper plot involving warlords and sex slaves. The film releases on May 15.1004TTDAnchor2
    Friendly card
    Fans of House of Cards will not be pleased by this troll video but if they have humour, theya��ll secretly love it. With the F.R.I.E.N.D.S theme song, Ia��ll Be There For You as the background tune, YouTuber Leah MacCarthy weaves in snips from the past few seasons of House of Cards to match the lyrics. And while Frank Underwooda��s job certainly is not a joke, his love life is perhaps DOA, thanks to his rocky relationship with wife Claire. The video though makes the tune-in more loving and far more enjoyable than the long-lasting, original tune-in of the political drama. Well worth the watch, especially if you are a fan of both the shows.

    Brit replacement
    No need to lament if you are a Jeremy Clarkson fan or a Zayn Malik one. While one was forced to leave BBC and the other chose to quit One Direction, the Internet has gone wild with innovative memes of the two. Most of them though see Clarkson taking up Malika��s spot in the boy band. Our favourite of the lot is a parody video which slaps the former BBC hosta��s face on the What Makes You Beautiful video instead of the lanky 22-year-old. Hilarious due to Clarksona��s vast choice of facial expressions available to the creator, this one is a must see.

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