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    Resenting on radio is all about team work; ita��s not a solo flight into the oblivion. There are presenters who back their instincts to build content, but will not hit the spot every time. The reasons why stations allow a presenter to decide on content could be many, but one that comes to mind is the unwillingness to spend on a show producer. Even a chef or a pilot needs a helping handa��an air-worthy producer could well bring the much-needed magic to the sound.
    In the past, many presenters have locked horns with producers and, when you look at the why, it would have been nothing more than trivial ego issues. Ita��s amusing to have ego issues when you are at the bottom of the media chain. However, a lot of stations are going back to the age-old practice of hiring producers. This is a great sign especially when you have quite a few presenters today who spend a lot of time building their fake image on social media. Let me point out that fake imagery also takes effort, so a double thumbs up to the hosts who are doing it.
    Therea��s a fresh crop of numb-nuts on the medium who tactically supersede the producer and thata��s why even when you do hire a great back-end talent, all the hard work goes down the draina��because of these few misfits. When you do get into the system as a producer, pray that youa��re in a station where therea��s no room for off-air drama. Some of the theatrics you get to see in some of the stations can give the citya��s top theatre houses a run for their money.
    Ita��s great to have a healthy rapport with your producer. It only enables efficiency and creates a better sound for the listener. A smooth, amicable, non-dictatorial presenter-producer relationship is what makes the foundation of any show strong. As for the misfits who exist? Well, you always need jokers to keep you smiling. I say let them be there.
    See you next week.

    Niladri a�� talkingradio@gmail.comA� The writera��s views expressed here are entirely in his personal capacity.


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