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    The latest album by A�Shaaa��ir + Func is guided by instinct, says Monica Dogra

    Music channel Vh1 has called them one of Indiaa��s favourite bands. Having performed at some of the biggest festivals in the worlda��from MIDEM in France to Glastonbury in the UK and c/o POP in Germanya��Shaaa��ir + Func has the music world abuzz with their newest album, Re:Cover. Lead vocalist and actor, Monica Dogra, proudly says, a�?Critics have called us a�?the undergrounda��s most promising collaborationa��.a�? She goes on to explain that the album is an ode to the Mumbai party people. The band has been making eclectic vocal electronic music since 2006, and this project sees tunes from their first three recordsa��New Day: The Love Album, Light Tribe and Mantis, with more organic and analogue interpretations. It has been composed by Dogra and partner Randolph Correia, who is the guitarist. a�?Our music so far has been bass heavy and electronic music.

    Re:Cover is a step in a very different direction, with minimal acoustic sound and a little electronic,a�? says Dogra Analysing their growth in the past eight years, she says, a�?Wea��ve grown into better musicians, more sensitive and more expressive. We also have a consistent set up now, with the famed indie musician and ex-bassist of Pin Drop Violence band, Rohit Pereira, and Aditya Ashok, from the band Ox7gen, on drums.a�? Working on their fourth album, Dogra points out that shea��d love to write a song with musician and producer Robot Koch, from Berlin. A full-time musician from the age of 12, she rates her performances at Blue Frog in Mumbai as the best. Currently listening to Missy Elliot, Ame and Dixon, Dogra doesna��t want to restrict herself to just albums. Given a chanceA� she would love to work as a musician with filmmakers Anurag Kashyap and Dibakar Banerjee.

    Re:Cover is available online. Details: store.apple.com/us

    a�� Mrinalini Sundar


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