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DJ Ivan shares his top four party destinations in India and around the world

This city-based DJ can turn any place into a full-fledged rave. Whether ita��s playing for an overseas audience or making locals dance to his infectious house grooves, he has been there and done that. The EDM veteran gives us his list of the best places to visit if you like to keep your dancing shoes on.

Ibiza, Spain
Go there for the beaches and the clubs. If you visit this place, make sure you have passes to Space a�� a nightclub which is known for an event called We Love…Space a�� a weekly party that opens at 4.30 pm on Sunday and rocks on until 6 am Monday morning. The event runs for 16 weeks throughout the summer season. Plus, the clubs there dona��t just have DJs playing music, it is accompanied by lights, stage dancers, pyro shows and more.

Miami, USA
Whata��s not to like about this city? The weather is fantastic, ita��s a great shopping destination and a great place to go if you like commercial EDM. The stop here is SET a�� a nightclub known for its sound and design. The sound and lighting systems are custom designed to complement the dA�cor. If you are visiting in March, stop by at the Ultra Music Festival a�� the biggest EDM festival in Miami.

London, England
The Ministry Of Sound is the place to be if you visit this isle. I played there for their 19thbirthday and it was fun. The audience is very sophisticated and know a lot about music. Ask them about anything a�� techno, trance, grind, dubstep, they know it all.

Bangalore, India
Last on my list isA� Bangalore. I say this because, people here really know how to party. The best place to play is Pebble, for the simple reason that people dona��t interrupt the DJ or ask for requests. If you are starting out as a DJ, and want to play an original set, this is the place to be because the audience gives you freedom to do anything you want!

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