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We love to give, but then there better be some entertainment too to motivate us

It has been a series of giving after giving. First it was the Chennai floods, now for an on-going project called ‘Sparsh’- a hospice that cares for terminally- ill cancer patients. This is not an earthquake or flood where one gets psyched up and impulsively gives away. It is a less dramatic and a stark fact of life.

Of course, giving and sharing for any causeA�isA�alwaysA�a very good thing. But this time it was clubbed with plenty of entertainment and grandeur.
IA�haveA�actually always wondered why we all need a heavy dose of fun to motivate givingA�when there is a compelling cause right in front of our eyes. Personally, I have wondered aboutA�the rationale behindA�charity concerts and fundraisers. It almost feels like we need to be bribed to get into donating. But this was different! Perhaps the largest event Hyderabad has seen in recent times and now a brand well-established.A�They say sky is the limit and it was actually called Skyfest. Hot-air balloons, adventure sports, stalls, food and of course a mega musical nite series by popular performers toA�conclude each day.

It all started with a small group of extremely focussed individuals who got together with theA�Rotary club team and they pulled of mobilising half of Hyderabad- at least figuratively speaking! One wonders how they envisioned this right in the midst of ChristmasA�holidays when other things may keep people busy. But over 8,000 music-loving Hyderabadis attended Sonu Nigam’s concert at the Gachibowli stadium.

Apart from this we had an extremely energetic Devisri Prasad nite and a heart-touching RP Patnaik musical nite. “It’s much more special when I have to perform for a cause,” says singer RP. ItA�was truly inspiring to see people respond so willingly to this good cause. At the end of the concert, RP shared about how his father battled cancer and actually spent his last few days at the Sparsh hospice. Despite the freezing temperatures, everyone’s heart melted with empathy towards all those with terminally ill family members.

“We are happy that we became a brand in the maiden year. We will definitley make this an annual affair in Hyderabad,” said Rani Reddy, member of organising committee Rotarian.


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