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    A social networking site that also hopes to educate
    Slightly reminiscent of the old-school Facebook, Flatparty is the new kid on the social networking block. Adapting to the dynamic online world, it has already upgraded its featuresa��turning more personaliseda��a few months into its launch.A�With operations based in New York, the site not only allows users to create profiles and upload photos and videos, but also to make groups, events, polls and blogs that can be read by non-members. Apparently aimed at studentsa��with the hope of promoting education and learning through marketinga��Anto Toms, CEO of the company, believes it will play an important role in bringing people together a�?in a single platform.a��

    Get invited
    Flatparty has features like MyRealm (to create groups), Forum (to initiate discussions), Blogs, Polls and Events to enhance the multiple utility of the site and to reach out to non-members. a�?These features will allow people and groups to communicate real time activities and promote collaboration.A�People can expect more powerful and effective features fromA�FlatpartyA�in the near future,a�? shares Toms.

    Guest services
    More recently, the site rolled out a new feature that allows a user to invite up to 250 non-members for any event. This will see non-users being part of events as a�?guestsa��, expanding their outreach farther. Theya��ve also started customisable email templates, which makes it that touch more professional than other social networking sites.A�A mobile version of this is expected in the next few months. Details: flatparty.com.

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    • Newyorksnowman

      Great Article. This site is really cool. I like the event feature. Its easy to customize event template and upload my pics My friends were surprised when I send them invitation, by using guest option. The option to invite non members also is cool feature.