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    Blink, set in London, explores a dysfunctional love story between a country boy and a city girl

    Written by Bruntwood Playwriting Prize winner Phil Porter, Blink is a play about an odd couple a�� a sweet-natured young boy from the countryside who arrives in London and falls in love with a girl called Sophie without ever really meeting her. a�?His love grows as he watches her go about her daily life and follows her about the city, and she begins to fall for him too. But what will happen when fate forces these lovers-from-afar to interact?,a�? Porter asks.

    Tech glitches
    Combining the theme of love with technology, and how people heal from broken hearts, the play also reflects our generationa��s obsession with our phones and laptops. a�?It looks at how so much time spent glued to phones and screens might be affecting the way we relate to each other as people, and how we fall in love. Of course, there are cultural differences. But we all fall in love and we all love our gadgets!,a�? he explains.

    Food for thought
    With just two cast members, Harry MacEntire who plays Jonah and Rosie Wyatt who portrays Sophie, the play is funny yet poignant and gives the audience a lot to think about. Directed by Joe Murphy, Soho Theatre artistic associate and Nabokov artistic director, the play was commissioned by Soho Theatre in 2011. After Bangalore, it will be returning to London for a second run before a tour of the UK in early 2014.

    Until December 8. Tickets (Rs.300).
    At Jagriti Theatre, Whitefield.
    Details: bookmyshow.com

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