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    Three brand new shows turn the idea of new-age dating on its head

    Valentineai??i??s DayAi??is around the corner. And TLC is ringing in the celebrations with a line-up of three new shows, customised for Indian viewersAi?? ai??i?? Undressed, Love Ka Menu and Sister Wives ai??i?? all of which will premiere from February 13 onwards.

    Undressed turns the concept of dating on its head. On this show, two strangers meet and undress as they answer personal questions about each other. Meanwhile, Sister Wives is the tale of a man who fell in love not once or twice, but four times! He even ended up marrying all the women he fell in love with. The dynamics of his relationship with each woman makes this series exciting. Meanwhile, on Love Ka Menu, the women are on a quest to find their own love. In each episode, one lucky woman gets to enjoy three special meals cooked for her by three blind dates, after which she gets to decide who she wants to go out with.

    The Valentineai??i??s special line-up premieres on February 13, and will air Monday to Friday from 9 pm to midnight on TLC.
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