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    Master & Dynamic Headphones

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    These cans sport a sophisticated retro look while providing great sound quality. Available in black and brown with premium leather inserts and a forged aluminium body they pack high quality 45mm neodymium drivers. Rs. 24,500* masterdynamic.com


    A�Beat the a�?smarter and newera�� gadget race with vintage styles that stay on trend

    Is it me or all devices and gadgets starting to look the same ( i.e. boring!)? This anniversary edition, we highlight devices with new technology that still remain true to the design and uniqueness of bygone eras when people appreciated the feel, colour, shape and physicality of a machine. We hope that in the future, more products have a distinct and timeless look, so we can cherish them for longer.A�

    a��Ashok PandianA�@ashokpandian

    * All prices are approximate and may vary according to dealers

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