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    Ian McKellen, on returning to X Men, meeting old friends and why filming was one big party

    Ian McKellen returns to the X-Men series (after The Last Stand), playing the powerful mutant dedicated to protecting his kind, no matter the cost. For the actor, it was a chance to inhabit one of his famous roles again and to spend time with his colleagues from the original three films. a�?a�?As long as the people making the film are the same, as long it is the same team, then I hope I would be invited to join along,a��a�� the star who plays MagnetoA� said recently. McKellen opens up on how Magneto has changed and what the films say to the world:

    Was the role easy to reclaim?
    Yes, although Magnetoa��s a bit more temperate in this film. Hea��s come to a point where he has to do whata��s right for everyone, and he realises he needs his allies. But it was easy to get back to playing hima��climbing into those clothes and those boots. Bryan Singer was back with us, so that was great, plus some of his old colleagues. It was a bit like going to see family you havena��t seen for a while.

    Ian-McKellen-as-Older-MagneWith Bryan returning, it musta��ve made it easier?
    Ia��ve done four films with Bryan and he has grown as a director. Ia��ve always been very happy working with him. Hea��s a director who knows what he wants and once he sees it on screen, he lets you know hea��s got it.

    Anything different since the last X-Men film?
    The costumes have changed a bit and therea��s a new element to the helmeta��fans will be able to work out why. But on the whole, no, it felt like just another episode.

    X-Men films always have subtext. What does Days of Future Past bring?
    X-Men is not just a story about humans with superhuman power that can control the world around them. Ita��s focussed on people who are cast out by society for what they are. Thata��s an early thing Bryan said to me, way back in the last century! I think Days of Future Past continues that.

    You went to Comic-Con last year. Was it fun?
    It was very fast and it can be hard work because they get you tied up with promoting the film, so ita��s not really a relaxing time with friends. But it was enjoyable sitting with all those famous faces and, fortunately, we all got on. But making the film was more of a party. And, of course, the reaction from fans was overwhelming.

    The movie is scheduled to release on May 23

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