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    The citya��s newest antiques address has a Burmese collection

    ADDING to the list of more than 30 art and antique stores in the city is four-month-old Art and Antique, on Pondicherrya��s Suffren Street. They have a variety of productsa��from wooden pillars to wardrobes, Tanjore paintings and more. The store boasts of some Burmese products like square bamboo boxes and clay items, too. According to store manager, Aishwariya Ravi, a�?We generally pick up antiques from old houses in Karaikudi, when the houses are being renovated. Most of our items are in wood and not brass or bronze, though we might polish some items to give them a shiny finish,a�?she says. As for the Chennai-based entrepreneur who owns the store, he likes to keep a low profile. We pick three things that caught our eye:

    art8Wooden pillars: Made from rosewood, they are from a 100-year-old house in Karaikudi. They are a three-piece pillara��a stone, the actual pillar and a capital (top portion). a�?We gave the pillars a polish and added the capital. We also make a lot of furniture with old wood. Old wood is solid and is termite free as it is not hollow,a�? she explains. Also find teak furniture at the store. The pair costs `2 lakhs
    Annam bird: The bird is a chariot for the gods. a�?The blue table on which the bird is placed has handles so it can be carried on the shoulder,a�? says Ravi. The piece dates back 60 years, is made of country wood and was procured from the Sundareswarar temple, Madurai. The birdA� costs Rs.2 lakhs.

    Garuda: The Garuda (Lord Vishnua��s vehicle) looks like a bronze piece, but. It is made of wood. Procured from Tenkasi, it is 90 years old. a�?The story goes that a man in Tenkasi used to make these sculptures and this was the last piece he made,a�? Ravi shares. It costs Rs.1,25,000
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