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    Taj Coromandel calls on the groupa��s corporate master baker to reinvent their cake shop, La Patisserie, with gluten free offerings and more

    A destination for rich chocolate truffle cake among connoisseurs in the city, La Patisserie at Taj Coromandel is reinventing itself with macaroons, an all-new puff pastry and braided breads. And the man behind this makeover is the groupa��s corporate master baker from New Delhi, chef Mugu Marshal. The native of Malaysia, who joined Taj Mahal in 2012, observes that in Chennai, we love our black forest and other gateaux. This is why the black forest will remain a constant, sharing space with new flavours like mulled wine, praline and tiramisu gateaux.

    Sharing that today, even children ask for less butter or low sugar, Marshal justifies the addition of breads like rye and gluten free, muffins (Rs.120), cookies and tea cakes (Rs.450) that use rice flour substitutes. Marshal, whose vision is to make La Patisserie an everyday destination, has also lent his signature to its puff pastry recipe, promising a crunchier, more flaky pastry now.

    While there, try their apple cinnamon and pineapple rosemary puff pastry, crafted by Marshal to provide a break from the usual savoury offerings. Breads are all preservative free, with their whole wheat bread containing 80 per cent wheat flour vs the 30 per cent found in most versions.

    In the city till the end of the month, Marshal believes that baking needs to be promoted in a big way. This is why he shares his recipes and tips with customers who wish to try something at home. And while here, the chef, who has introduced macaroons at La Patisserie, will be busy experimenting with fillings like saffron curd, rose petal, coffee and spices. After all, while he is not against imported macaroon fillings, he believes that local flavours make for a better connection and a lighter price tag. Details: 66002827

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