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    Make yourself a a�?happiness poucha�� at a Korean workshop this weekend

    Silks and stitches lie at the heart of one of South Koreaa��s popular cultural arts, Gyubang handicraft. Once restricted to the womena��s quarters of noble houses, the art of hand-stitching household itemsa��from pouches to wall hangingsa��is now much sought after. Julie Jung, who followed her husband to Chennai in 2011 (after he got a posting with Hyundai), is now gearing up to show how it is done, with a one-day workshop. a�?The last four years, Ia��ve been learning about the diversity of Indian culture. Now I want to introduce Korean culture here, and Gyubang is a tool to communicate,a�? says the 47-year-old, who trained under Ju Kyung Ja in Korea, a specialist in Hansan Mosi (handicraft using ramie fabric).

    18B cultanchorUsing fabric and threads sourced from Korea, Jung says she has crafted the classes so that newcomers can pick it up with ease. a�?Traditionally, we used scrap material to make the pouches. Ia��ve named them a�?happiness pouchesa�� because tying the knot of a good relationship brings the best fortune,a�? she says.
    Since Gyubang includes the making of many articles, Jung says we can look forward to more classesa��making wrapping cloths (bojagi), pin cushions and more. a�?I also want to merge Indian traditions with Gyubang. So for my next class I plan to make Korean corsages with Indian fabrics,a�? she signs off.
    August 12, Madras Square, from 10 am to 12 pm. Rs 1,200. Details: 9094231000
    Surya Praphulla Kumar


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