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    Double Roti from Gurgaon sets up shop in Chennai offering their versions of popular a�?dudea�� food like burgers, hot dogs and even Maggi

    ven as the nation (at least half of it) reels from a bewildering ban that has non vegetarians fearing the future of their diet, Chennai gets another restaurant serving beef and pork (among other meats) in glorious burgers. Score! And we mean the kind of burgers that made Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle to satiate their hankering. The Harolds and Kumars of Chennai though, will only have to travel till Cenotaph Road, where Gurgaona��s Double Roti sits on the ground floor of Illam, a small hotel.
    The quirk quotient1
    As we step into the cafe thata��s set to launch in the first week of April, wea��re greeted by popular industrial interiors, with the roof looking like a still of the pipes wallpaper from Windows 98. As if the stripped down walls, lights shining out of pipes and wooden benches were not enough, Japtej Ahluwalia a�� who is backed by co-founders Nikesh Lamba and Suhail Kapur, and nine and a half years of experience with the ITC group a�� has upped the quirk by serving the food and drinks in buckets, frying pans and bottles. And while my companion keeps busy watching the team in action behind the glass walls of their see-through kitchen, I, for the first time, find myself wanting to read the entire menu. Names like Pocket Mein Rocket and Poker Face have descriptions that begin with lines like a�?Kickstart your day (whenever that is) with…a�?. We settle for the Area 69 and not-so-fancy-sounding Char Grilled Pork Teriyaki Burger, leaving other mouth watering names like the Punjabi Maggi and Awesome Appalam for when they launch.
    Meaty specials
    Before starting on our burgers a�� both with fresh, soft buns that nearly trick us into thinking theya��re made in-house a�� we wade through a small metal bucket of beef chilli fries. Stab the fries and swirl them around in the bucket till theya��re properly coated with the mozzarella, mince and baked bean sauce, before popping them into your mouth. After this, wea��re transported to burger heaven where the pork patty is topped with teriyaki bacon and mustard slaw for extra drool. As for the beef burger, also topped with bacon, ita��s the perfect combination of patty (flavoured only with pepper and salt) with caramelised onions and Jack Daniels steak sauce. While all this is indicative of non vegetarian expertise, be informed that their Caparese Melt sandwich, with its addictive basil pesto and olive oil grilled tomatoes, can hold its own against any meaty burger.
    Meal for two at approximately Rs 700 plus tax. Details: 9811337803
    a�� Ryan Peppin


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