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    Trending videos that hit the peak this year, from arachno-canines to football heroes

    Mutant Giant Spider Dog The most watched user content on YouTube this year is Mutant Giant Spider Dog. It currently stands at over 114 million views. The creepy clip, by Polish YouTuber Sylwester Wardega, sees a dog fitted with spider legs attacking people.

    Winner Stays
    Featuring Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar Jr. and Wayne Rooney among others, a Nike ad was created for the world cup in Brazil. It is all about team spirit, and being who you want to be, and teaches that those who take risks, get to the top. It has just over 100 million hits.

    First Kiss
    With over 95,858,050 views, this was a social experiment later revealed to be an ad for a clothing company. It sees unlikely strangers being made to kiss each other for the first time, and how some are apprehensive at first but then get progressively comfortable.

    The Voice IT | Serie 2
    Sister Cristina Scuccia, stunned judges on Italya��s version of The Voice with a powerful rendition of Alicia Keysa�� No One back in March. This video shows the judges turn around in a�?the chaira�� giving her the green signal. It has 67,321,251 plus views.

    Bailando and Dark Horse
    The year is incomplete without a mention of the two most watched videos across genres a�� Katy Perrya��s Dark Horse and Enrique Iglesiasa�� Bailando. With staggering 800 and 750 million hits respectively, the two videos are dominating music and visual charts. Perrya��s video sees her as an Egyptian princess while Iglesiasa�� catchy number has street dances for visuals.

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