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    The city gets its first comprehensive pet show with canines, felines, birds, reptiles and more

    This weekend, Jayamahal Palace will host Bangalorea��s first Pet Show. Organised by Blue & White in association with Tiger Protection Society and Captaina��s ranch, visitors will be treated to one-on-ones with exotic animals, amazing animal action displays and loads of fun, informative talks and demos. a�?The Pet Show is not about competitions but more about encouraging amateurs and pet lovers who also have unregistered dogs and other animals,a�? clarifies Satya Narayan, event director, elaborating, a�?we will, however, be having broad categories of prizes like most popular pet and special prizes for small, medium and big, dogs, birds and rare entries so the spotlight is still on your pets.a�?


    Petting zoo
    You and your kids will be treated to happy encounters with animals like rabbits, hamsters and exotic birds all day. And dona��t forget to take your pet along for the show too and encourage them to socialise with the other animals and maybe even find their soul mate!
    In an attempt to comprehensively appeal to a diverse section of animal lovers and not limit their reach to just cats and dogs, the show will have participants from around the city showcasing dogs, birds, fish, reptiles and other species. Pet shops will showcase their range of luxe accessories to pamper your furballs (or feathered friends) with cutesy collars, warm beds, play cages or even snazzy jackets.

    Top notch training
    a�?Three vets will be on hand to give free advice on nutrition, general health and general pet care along with grooming experts who will share tips,a�? says Narayan. And while you learn how to give your pooch a make over, your kids can busy themselves with quiz competitions that will keep them entertained and cue them in with loads of facts and trivia related to the animal kingdom. Plus, get up close and personal with macaws, cockatoos, Persian cats, Yorkshire terriers, turkeys, guinea fowls and roosters who will all have their designated spaces.

    And once youa��re done with pony rides and snacking at one of the 20 food stalls, perhaps you will want to take home a little friend. CUPA and the Kennel Club of India will be at hand to help with adoptions.

    Rs 300 per pet and Rs 100 for pet owners. At Jayamahal Road. Details: bangalorepetshow.com

    a��Aakanksha Devi


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