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    Mystician Ugesh Sarcar on his magic and his ongoing theatre-based travelling show, Your Mind Is Mine

    Ugesh Sarcar first came into the limelight as a street magician on his television show, 3rd Degree, on Bindaas. Years later, he landed a role as the technical director for magic and trained Hrithik Roshan and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan in Guzaarish. Now with his eyes set on bigger things, the mystician has launched a series of theatre-style stage productions called Your Mind Is Mine, the first of which took place in Mumbai last December. Next up are Kolkata, Raipur, Chennai and his home town, Bengaluru.
    2Sarcar describes the show as a kind of challenge that involves continual interactions with the audience and impromptu improvisations. a�?Each show lasts about 45 minutes to an hour. In this time I am expected to perform acts like mentalism, mind-reading and telepathy,a�? he explains. But dona��t go expecting him to saw a girl in half. Sarcar a�?manipulates the mind and makes the audience generate desired responses.a�? He calls it psychic entertainment. Expect number guessing, unexpected phone calls and a crescendo performance.
    The mentalista��s next is a para-psychic show called Deceptions, where spirits and paranormal beings will come alive. Are we talking illusions? a�?No,a�? Sarcar insists. a�?I will make the audience see things, but inside their mind,a�? he clarifies. These theatre-styled productions are part of Sarcara��s vision to a�?resurrect a dying arta�? in the country. a�?I intend to make it an industry by bringing together everyone who is interested to learn or teach this art under one roof,a�? he declares. His next show is again in Mumbai on January 29, in St Andrews Auditorium. Shows in Bengaluru are expected to be scheduled in February or March, while Chennai will see him in action post March. Schedules, once finalised, will be updated on his website.
    Details: ugeshsarcar.com

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