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    A walk down Sesame Street and the streets of a new city. Plus, a gory public service announcement

    Down Sesame Street
    Benedict Cumberbatch teams up with Murray and The Count on The Muppets to learn about threes and fours. The Sherlock actor receives a a�?perplexing puzzlea�?, which involves apples and oranges from Murray Monster, who has dubbed himself a�?Murray-aritya�? a�� a reference to the arch nemesis of Sherlock, Moriarty. Murray then refuses to accept that Cumberbatch is not really Sherlock so gives him a a�?tougha�� question. The star then uses the help of The Count to deduce the answer. Lovely for your littles ones to learn numbers.

    Paying attention
    Not Afraid to Ask for Directions is a fantastic effort by National Geographic to help you keep alert. The video shows a couple asking a young student for directions to a museum. The man explains the route they need to take in great detail, with landmarks at which they need to turn too. Youa��re later given a chance to trace your steps and follow the instructions to virtually reach the destination. But the point of this exercise is something else. Expect a big surprise which we wona��t reveal. On video.nationalgeographic.co.in

    Life lessons
    The Learn for Life Foundation in Australia has issued a public service advert that shows the absolute worst case scenario of skipping school. In the advert, a group of teenagers sneaks out of their homes, jump a fence and head to a sunny beach for some fun. But one by one, as they frolic around, they step on bombs and meet a gory end. One girl survives and her screaming fades into silence as the camera pans out to show that they trespassed on to an explosives testing site.

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