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From professional ones to those you can fold and tuck into a bag, Bike Studio stocks bicycles youa��ve only dreamt of

If you love terms such as a�?high-enda�� and a�?cutting edgea�� and cycling is your passion, the newly opened Bike Studio is likely to become your favourite hangout spot soon. Besides fueling the desire for fitness among the youth, the new store is all about taking cycling to the next level by providing professional bicycles to pedal pushers. The 1,000 sq ft showroom at Road No 12 Banjara Hills is home to different brands such as Infinite, LA Sovereign, X-bicycle and Angry Birds.
Gleaming new cycles are suspended on the walls with a holder with a passage in the centre. As soon as one enters the showroom, the first section on both the sides have professional road track or racing cycles by Infinite. Light as a feather, these cycles are equipped with finger tap gears which make riding easier and saves time. The body is made of carbon and this makes it light-weight. The specialty of this cycle is that the whole frame can be dismantled and tucked into a bag. Danny Singh, sales manager at Bike Studio says, a�?Most cyclists abroad carry their cycles to different destinations in a bag, especially when they are on a riding holiday. That is what we have provided for the people here. It is lightweight and easy to carry along.a�?
Besides this, the showroom has mountain bikes which have a wheelbase of 29 mm for a faster and smoother mountain ride. a�?Generally, when you ride on a mountain you always go slow because of the smaller wheelbase. With this bigger base, one can tread the rocky terrains faster and easier, says G Rakesh Chowdhary, owner of the franchise. The store has cycles for kids and teenagers in different colours with seven and 11 gears.The store houses cycling accessories such as helmets, back and helmet lights, braking cables, disc and rubber brakes, handle grips and much more. Price `10,000 to `1.3 lakh. Details: 9908021219

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