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    Expect religion, art and heritage from William Penna��s collectorsa�� range

    For those who treat the pen as part of their corporate power accessory, the multi-brand online retail house, William Penn has some of the rarest models of the ubiquitous instrument. In this yeara��s edition of the annual showcase, which is also available online, expect intricate craft work and embellishments, such as a Russian miniature painting, precious resins, rare metals, and others. There is also the ancient Japanese lacquer material called maki-e that takes pride of place in this collection, courtesy Japanese brand, Sailor. In the upcoming edition, starting September 22, around 70 pieces have been curated. a�?We have eight brands, like Montblanc, Caran da��Ache, Sailor, AP, Visconti, Noblia, and others,a�? says Nikhil Ranjan, founder and MD of William Penn, adding that the pens were chosen based on their art work, story and rarity.
    Various kinds of materials can be found in this collection ranging from the superstrong ABS plastic (used in LEGO toys) to others like Makrolon polycarbonate and fibre glass. a�?Ebonite, brass and celluloid are also used, and the nibs are handcrafted from 18k and 22k gold too,a�? he adds. Two of the biggest religions of the world are depicted in two marvellous pieces in this collection a�� the Visconti Mecca Limited Edition Fountain Pen that not only resembles the structure of the Kaaba (the religious building for Muslims located at the centre of Mecca) but also has Quran verses inscribed on its body, and The Connoisseur by AP Limited Editions, that has Russian lacquer art depicting Ganesha and an 18k gold nib. For a touch of heritage, you can turn to Montblanca��s Rouge et Noir collection, that now has a special filling system that does not require the nib to be dipped into ink. Also check out the red gold fountain pens from their Star Walker collection. However, the costliest pen remains the Caran Da��Ache Edouard Shiva, that is a�?handcrafted in 800 solid silver and has a cap that is crowned with an agate semi-precious stone chosen by our craftsmen for its intense blue,a�? says Ranjan.
    Rs 30,000 upwards. Details: williampenn.net

    a�� Karan Pillai


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