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    No fuss, home-style Italian take away a�� thata��s what you get at Pasta Avenue on Harrington Road

    It doesna��t take a rocket scientist to figure out why more people are choosing take out or delivery these days. Try walking in to a Barbecue Nation or Cream Centre on a Friday a�� your odds of getting a table are as good as landing a confirmed train ticket a week before journey. Besides, we surely needna��t explain the simple joy of a plate-on-lap, remote-in-hand scenario at home. That said, while the city has outfits like Twilight and Dawn to Dusk offering take away comfort foods like biryani, brave new ventures like Sushi In A Box (featured on our website) are going cuisine specific.
    The newest, Pasta Avenue on Harrington Road, has packed around 800 boxes of pasta since their opening, two weeks ago. In fact, business is so good, that engineers and brothers Mohamed Yusufally and Mohammed Jaf-ferali are excited about their first branch set to open in Gopalapuram soon. At around 150 sq ft, their a�?live kitchena�� sports bright yellow interiors, and is equipped with an electric chimney, shawarma griller (they sell the Arabian roll under the moniker Turning Roast), induction tops, etc. Their menu is concise a�� 10 pastas, a few antipasti (bruschetta, French fries and potato cheese balls) and desserts (baked yoghurt, custard and cream).
    a�?All our pastas and ingredients are from Del Monte,a�? Yusuf admits, as we place a quick take away order. The bechamel penne and lasagna bolognese arrive intact, thanks to their sound, microwave-safe packaging. As for the flavours, we have no complaints, as save for the take away containers, one would think the food was cooked at home. And with two serving sizes (starting from `70 and `130) and add-ons like diced chicken, cheese or a whole wheat pasta switch for an additional `10-`20, wea��d say ita��s value for money. Want more? Try their loyalty programme that gives you a freebie on every ninth billing you do.
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