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    SpoonFed brings premium food right to your doorstep

    Changing the order-in concept by tapping into fine dine restaurants without the home-delivery option, 10-day-old Spoonfed is the latest craze in town. Premium in terms of service and not necessarily the restaurant tie-ups, the enterprise is founded by Sudhir Narisetty and Manoj Adithya. They cover all aspects of the eat-at-home process from placing your order, to tracking it and the packaging.
    Born from the desire to eliminate messy desks from sloppy parcels and plastic bags, Adithya says they also hope to get rid of delivery boysa�� incessant calls to ask the address. What we love most is, the harder it rains, the more the team works! Currently, with names like Tim Tai, Punjab Grill, Hunan and Tunday Kebab, they focus on delivery in the Koramangala, HSR Layout and Embassy Golf Links belt, with expansions to other parts of the city. a�?But only with the restaurants and cafes that make the best food. We need to look out for the standard of food once it reaches us, so we have close relationships with the owners and managing directors just so we can effectively communicate the values of businesses,a�? he explains.
    Ordering in
    Once you place your order
    online, by picking from the entire menu of participating restaurants, they will dispatch the order, and you will instantly be sent a link with the GPS tracker and the name of the delivery person. Testing it out ourselves, we can vouch for the accuracy of their tracker, as well as for the packaging and presentation. a�?We take the restaurants menu under careful consideration to figure out packaging that suits the cuisine,a�? he explains. So you can expect the Hunan packing in bamboo patterned boxes while the Punjab Grill comes in a sleek black parcel. a�?We design it to meet brand values of every restaurant depending on their cuisine, quantity and perishability of the item.a�?

    Details: spoonfed.in
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