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Kunal Ganjawala talks about his musical journey and inspirations

Taking the stage at Alive India, is Kunal Ganjawala. We discuss the importance of musical freedom and a secret love for Sting with the playback singer best-known for his work in the Kannada and Hindi film industries.

What makes Alive India
Musicians have complete freedom, with no demands from promoters. You can compose original melodies, fuse songs and sing in any language. Ita��s something we feel like investing our sweat, blood and love into.

How will you use that freedom?
Ia��m indulging myself by singing half an hour of songs that I love, in English a�� from Bryan Adams and Sting to The Eagles and U2. Plus, a few originals that have not yet been released. Then, of course, some popular songs like Onde Ondu Sari in (Kannada) and Dupatta Tera Nau Rang Da in Punjabi.

Being a multi-lingual singer.
My mother tongue is Gujarati, yet Ia��ve never sung a Gujarati song in my life! But after 25 years in the business, it is good to have that challenge. I have to make sure that all the inflections come in the right place when singing.
Your musical journey.
I started singing late a�� in my first year of college. That too because my seniors bullied me to sing a song from Aashiqui, a big hit at that time. After hearing me whistle, theya��d pulled up their sleeves ready to hit me. But when I started to sing, they were amazed. To be honest, I was amazed myself!

Dream collaborations?
Sting! His melodies are so mature. He doesna��t just write hit songs, he writes conversations.

February 14, 7 pm. At Phoenix MarketCity, Mahadevapura. Tickets (`300 upwards)
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