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Bunni Splanchnik A�combines art and sound

British DJ and visual artiste Bunni Splanchnik aka Ellie Angele Fawcett blends quirky techno sound with experimental beats and heart thumping bass lines. We catch up with the artiste who encourages you to scorch the dance floor at Blue Bar this Sunday, courtesy Beat Mantra & Live Hub.

The stronger alias.
Bunni is a Manga character with amazing superpowers, but Ellie has the longevity and stamina so she might come out on top!

Your music influences.
Ia��m influenced by sounds of everything around me a�� world music. Then Ia��m inspired when I go out dancing a�� the energy and wanting to recreate that feeling.

Visual art and music.
My art is mixed media installations. I like exploring the idea of practicing ethnography through art, the documentary in art, the boundaries between practices. And the subtle difference between art and artifact, the museum and the gallery.

Your sound.
Ita��s very colourful, handmade, lo-fi aesthetic that people have at times called kitsch. In the sense that I like samples from so many different places, from Indian news report to an English film from 1940, I would say my aesthetic taste is reflected in my sound.

Classical music for you.
I grew up listening to my dad play the harpsichord and listening to Giovanni Pierluigi da Palaestrina. I also sang choral music for years so I have an appreciation of that as well. Ia��m not an expert, but I find it very beautiful.

Time travel choice.
18th century France for the food and the clothes, seven years ago for some record shopping, or back a few decades to hang out at the Fluxus Movement (anti-commercial aesthetics under the leadership of George Maciunas).

Your favourite quote.
Si queries, puedes a�� if there is a will, there is a way (in Spanish).

Favourite colour.
Red a�� mounds of spice!

On your bookshelf.
I recently read Books Vs Cigarettes by George Orwell. The book was inspired by an editor friend of Orwella��s who was firewatching during the Second World War.

Entry free. 4 pm. At Taj West End, Race Course Road. Details: 66605660

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