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Tarantismoa��s pro-team blends dance, theatre and martial arts in a mega show.

If YOU thought that their amateur performances were awe-inspiring, then you will definitely enjoy the Tarantismo Creative Dance Companya��s one-of-a-kind dance drama that has been in the making for two years. And director Arati Punwani-Sunawala assures us that the wait will be worthwhile. a�?This show is being put up by the people who train the city, effectively! Ita��s the trainers show and they are the top 12 of the entire troupe,a�? she explains with contagious enthusiasm.

Punwani-Sunawala says that the audience can expect a heady mix of dance and theatre that will include styles that range from jazz, belly dancing, contemporary, Bollywood and hip-hop. a�?This time is different. We usually explain the umbrella theme, but this time we want to leave it to the audience to experience what they will. Wea��ll let them read between the lines of the portrayal and symbolism,a�? says the director. Although she has choreographed six of the eight sequences, she gives the entire team credit as they are all a�?thinking dancersa��. a�?Since the troupe memebers are all individually brilliant, they bring in their own inputs and so the dances are a process of evolution,a�? Punwani-Sunawala explains.

There is a strong element of story-telling but without spoon-feeding to a�?tease the left-brained audiencea��. Expect a varied spectrum of dances and movements that are even inspired by martial arts among other forms. Costumes will be simple but striking in their effort to accentuate the fluid movements, rather than distract the audience.

The one-hour programme will be a blend of emotions ranging from romance to action as well. So as Punwani-Sunawala advises, a�?Ditch the cinema because we have our own little film in the show!a�?

3 pm and 7 pm. Sunday, November 10. At Good Shepherd Auditorium, Residency Road. A�Tickets ( Rs 300 upwards) on bookmyshow.com

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