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    Sullivan Stapleton on playing special agent Kurt Weller and his fights with Jaimie Alexander

    S ULLIVAN Stapleton is a natural when it comes to playing tough charactersa��be it as the Athenian general, Themistocles, in 300: Rise of an Empire, or as a Delta Force soldier in TV series, Strike Back. No wonder then that the 39-year-old Australian actor received rave reviews for his performance as special service agent Kurt Weller in the crime dr ama s e r i e s, B l i n d s p o t . Returning in the showa��s second season, the 39-year-old talks about his role and also fields questions on his rumoured feud with costar Jamie Alexander.

    In a real fight with Jaimie, who wins?

    Depends on who wrote it. You guys really are going after it. Yeah. Thata��s the fun part of the job. We get to have fun on the set. In between solving these cases, we get to fight. Jamie was a wrestler when she was younger, but Ia��m a brawler and Ia��m Australian.

    Do you find it hard to modulate Kurta��s emotions?

    No. That, to me, is the enjoyment of this job. Ita��s a great role to play for those exact reasons. You know, wea��re not just chasing criminals through New York City. Wea��re actually exploring these charactersa�� lives, past and present, and obviously, Kurt, hea��s had a bit of a rough trot. Ita��s great to explore that.

    Sgt Damien Scott in Strike Back is witty-yet-rude. Fast forward to Blindspot, we wonder where Scott went!

    Yeah. It was the same for me, too. I guess thata��s the joys of my job.Ita��s acting at its best because, if you are in a fight and you cana��t swear, what do you say?But, yes, the seriousness that Kurt has when hea��s focussed on the job, Scott was the same.

    Which character best reflects your personality?

    On screen, Damien Scott, but offscreen, they are all the same. Kurt has a huge sense of humour, but hea��s very shaky in between takes, and hea��s very serious. And this is only one season that we are talking about. So, then, therea��s more and obviously, those cases are quite serious and very close to home for Kurt. So who knowsa��we might find out later on, once those cases are sorted and closed, that he has a sense of humour. Blindspot season two, Thursdays at 8 pm, on Colors Infinity

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