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    Sullivan Stapleton on playing special agent Kurt Weller and his fights with Jaimie Alexander

    S ULLIVAN Stapleton is a natural when it comes to playing tough characters—be it as the Athenian general, Themistocles, in 300: Rise of an Empire, or as a Delta Force soldier in TV series, Strike Back. No wonder then that the 39-year-old Australian actor received rave reviews for his performance as special service agent Kurt Weller in the crime dr ama s e r i e s, B l i n d s p o t . Returning in the show’s second season, the 39-year-old talks about his role and also fields questions on his rumoured feud with costar Jamie Alexander.

    In a real fight with Jaimie, who wins?

    Depends on who wrote it. You guys really are going after it. Yeah. That’s the fun part of the job. We get to have fun on the set. In between solving these cases, we get to fight. Jamie was a wrestler when she was younger, but I’m a brawler and I’m Australian.

    Do you find it hard to modulate Kurt’s emotions?

    No. That, to me, is the enjoyment of this job. It’s a great role to play for those exact reasons. You know, we’re not just chasing criminals through New York City. We’re actually exploring these characters’ lives, past and present, and obviously, Kurt, he’s had a bit of a rough trot. It’s great to explore that.

    Sgt Damien Scott in Strike Back is witty-yet-rude. Fast forward to Blindspot, we wonder where Scott went!

    Yeah. It was the same for me, too. I guess that’s the joys of my job.It’s acting at its best because, if you are in a fight and you can’t swear, what do you say?But, yes, the seriousness that Kurt has when he’s focussed on the job, Scott was the same.

    Which character best reflects your personality?

    On screen, Damien Scott, but offscreen, they are all the same. Kurt has a huge sense of humour, but he’s very shaky in between takes, and he’s very serious. And this is only one season that we are talking about. So, then, there’s more and obviously, those cases are quite serious and very close to home for Kurt. So who knows—we might find out later on, once those cases are sorted and closed, that he has a sense of humour. Blindspot season two, Thursdays at 8 pm, on Colors Infinity

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