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    With old junkyards to scout, Engine Addict premieres in India

    They say every man should wield a wrench at least once in his life. But the host of Engine Addict, Jimmy De Ville, has taken this saying very seriously. The popular UK engineering and adventure show premieres in India on Monday, on Discovery Turbo, and gives us a peek into the extremes Ville goes to when following his passion. An ex-military man of the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers Corps, he scrounges around in old junk yards for engines, and joins hands with fellow petrol heads to twist and turn the junk into new automobiles. Finally, he puts the machines to the test on adventurous terrains.
    a�?Every engine find means a passport to a new adventure for me,a�? begins Ville, who combines two Royal Enfield motorcycle engines in one of the episodes to build an off-road buggy. In another episode, he dismantles a car, fixes the engine on to an ATV and rides across the sand cliffs in Sweden. a�?I will travel through India, England, Austria and Brazil in search of the most legendary engines that I can lay my hands on. I also believe that engines made a significant contribution to the advancement of the human civilisation,a�? adds the 37-year old, who peppers his show with intriguing and witty historical anecdotes.
    It is not always merry on the show, says Ville, who is just recovering from a fractured leg after his homemade trike stopped functioning 2,900 metres in the air. Despite being a vehicle enthusaist, he is also concerned about pollution and wants to build a zero pollution hydrogen engine for Engine Addicta��s future shows.

    Engine Addict premiers on December 7 at 9 pm on Discovery Turbo

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