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Three names you need to know if you are in the French town over the weekend and have time for a portfolio

Pondicherry is always a great idea for a quick weekend plan. Known for cheap accommodation, serene beaches, French cuisine and its night life, this town is also on the map for its shopping, alternative health and surfing options. The latest activity you can add to the list? Getting professional photos taken of you or your familya��a concept thata��s seeing a lot of takers, given how the a�?photogenica�� town, with its wide streets like Rue Laporte, is a hit with filmmakers and ad men. So if you fancy Aurovillea��s forests or want to reshoot your wedding day, how about giving these photographers a call?

984147_739224786137105_3151Azharudeen KS
Equipment: Nikon D800E
Popular among friends for his flattering Facebook profile shots of them, Azharudeen KS, 25, says, a�?My father was a photographer, so it came naturally.a�? After completing a Visual Communication course in Chennai, and a stint at Ootya��s Light and Life Academy, this Pondicherry native took on projects for Mango Hill resort and clients in Kerala. Since his mother runs a beauty parlour, make-up is not a problem. Rs. 30,000 for 200 pictures.Details: 9655955012

Shanmuga Rajan
Equipment: Nikon D 610
Specialises in: Wedding and portraits
Shanmuga Rajan discovered his love for photography while making a short film in 2009. a�?I posted some pictures on Facebook and the great response made me give photography serious thought,a�? begins the 26-year-old. Madhu calls himself a a�?people photographera�� and has completed several projects for clients like Auroville and Studio Q, besides wedding projects. a�?I prefer taking candid pictures and profile shoots,a�? he says. Equipped with a hairstylist and make-up artist, Rajan is game for weekend assignments. a�?I have a lot of people coming from Bangalore and Chennai who like taking pictures near the beach or at nearby villages,a�? continues Rajan, who has an MBA in tourism. Popular with IT graduates who visit the town on a a�?photoa�� holiday, he organises accommodation and mid-day meals at local haunts.

Where to shoot: The streets. a�?I like the interiors in Auroville and the French streets with graffiti. I alsolike Bodhi beach,a�? he points out, adding that Parvathamalai and the Siva temple in Irumbai are good options. Rs. 5000 for portraits. Details: 9894507123

vjVijay Vendhan
Equipment: Nikon 800 E
Specialises in:A� Wedding and portraits
A software engineer by day, Vijay Vendhan says his passion for the camera and his weekend projects keep him going. a�?I come to Chennai on Monday morning and head back to Pondicherry on Friday nights,a�? he begins. Seeking a break from the tedium at work, VJ (as he calls himself) bought a new camera, a basic Nikon, a few years ago. a�?a�?I developed an interest for photography and watched a lot of videos on YouTube to learn more,a�? he shares. From birds to weddings, he is open to different projects.
Where to shoot: VJ, 26, prefers local resorts. a�?I like Ocean Spray and Le Pondy. I also prefer some of the areas near the Matrimandir globe,a�? he says, adding other places like a�?the rock beach and some areas near the old harboura��a�� where he prefers shooting at 4 pm or early in morning. For those who want a stylist and make-up artist, VJ suggests Gana (Hair stylist) from Green trends. Rs. 5,000 for four hours for a post wedding shoot. Details: 9994994991

-Mrinalini Sundar


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