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    So You Think You Can Dance,
    AXN, Monday to Thursday, 8 pm
    The wait for season 11 of So You Think You Can Dance is over. With contemporary dancers like Ricky Ubeda, Valerie Rocky and Jessica Richens participating, this season is going to have Justin Bieber introducing a new concert called Dance Crews. Cat Deeley continues to be the host, while Nigel Lythgoe and Mary Murphy are the judges.

    30 rock30 Rock, Comedy Central,
    Monday to Friday, 11.30 pm
    In the latest episode, Liz Lemon, a TV show writer, gets back with her ex-boyfriend when she finds herself alone on her birthday. Her boss, Jack Donaghy, who has taken an unusual interest in Lemon, hunts her down to make her realise that what she is doing is wrong. Will Liz be able to handle her personal life, her show and her relationship with her boss?

    Pakistan Vs New ZealandPakistan Vs New Zealand, Friday,
    Ten Sports, 9.30 pm
    After a fairly even contest in the test series, Pakistan will look to take down New Zealand in UAE in the second T20 match of the series. With in-form batsmen like Brendon McCullum and Kane Williamson, New Zealand has to carry forward the momentum from the test series to return home victorious.

    MonkMonk, Star World,
    Monday to Friday, 9 pm
    Starting this week, this comedy-drama series stars Tony Shalhoub playing Adrian Monk, who suffers from OCD. In the first episode, you will see the former cop come out of retirement to crack a case involving the death of a politiciana��s bodyguard. Monk soon gives the case a whole new turn with his exceptional powers of deduction.

    HauntedThe Haunted,
    Animal Planet Thursday, 1 pm
    In the latest episode of The Haunted, a teenage girl sees visions of a bloody woman and, in fright, informs her mother. Her mother realises that her daughter could be attracting ghosts and that their house is haunted. Will the girl survive the visions?

    National Geographic Channel, Wednesday, 2 pm
    The latest episode of Taboo showcases the effects of alcohol on people. Featuring various placesa��from Arizona to Spaina��the show focusses on what people are ready to do in order to get their daily buzz. The episode also features the negative impact alcohol has had on the lives of a few people.


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