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    Hawaii 5.0,
    AXN, Monday to Thursday, 9 pm
    A remake of the 1968-1980 TV series, season five of Hawaii 5.0 features the special police force formed by the Hawaii government to tackle crime on the island. The latest episode talks about the death of two tourists, run down while exploring the mountains. Will the task force be
    able to find out who was behind the hit-and-run case?

    Star World, Monday to Friday, 10 pm
    In season seven of House, the relationship between House and dean of medicine, Lisa Cuddy, forms the major plot. In the latest episode, House reveals his relationship to the rest of the team, though worried if they would be able to keep their professional and love life separate. Meanwhile, the team treats a skateboarder who sustained injuries during a competition.

    Cougar Town,
    Z Cafe, Monday to Friday, 8.30 pm
    Season two of Cougar Town revolves around single mother Jules Cobb (Courteney Cox) and her son who is about to leave for college. In the latest episode, she plans a week full of activities. But it doesna��t work out when her son calls her smothering and leaves early for college. Now Cobb has to learn to let her children live their own lives.

    Yankee Jungle,
    Animal Planet, Saturday, 11 pm
    The show is about the relationship between human beings and animals and the effects humans have on them. The latest episode saw the founders of DEW Animal Kingdom in Maine, preparing to open the animal kingdom. But a certain discovery about a sick animal brings their plans spiraling down.

    England Vs Sri Lanka,
    Ten Sports, Friday, 10 am
    After England Captain Alastair Cooka��s suspension, England will have their task cut out ahead of game six of their encounter with Sri Lanka. With the series poised at 2-1 in favour of Sri Lanka, the host team will look to seal the series with experienced in-form bastmen Kumar Sangakkara and Mahela Jayawardene in their ranks.

    Billy on the Street, Comedy
    Central, Monday to Friday, 8.30 pm
    Comedian Billy Eichner, one of the nominees for this yeara��s Emmy Awards, takes to the streets of New York, finding people and quizzing them about random everyday happenings that would interest the audience. The show is also popular for its lightning quiz round that Eichner conducts, quizzing people at insane
    speeds and making them crack up.


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