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    Mistress, Z Cafe, Sunday 10 pm
    mistressAlong the lines of Sex and the City, Mistress is about four girls from London and their relationships. With four different plots, the latest episode (season one, episode five) is about one of the girls, Karen, a psychiatrist, and her attempts to learn more about her boyfrienda��s death. Meanwhile, Savi, a lawyer, gets pregnant and takes a paternity test to figure
    out who the father is.

    Comedy Nights with Kapil,
    Colours, Sunday, 10 pm
    An interactive show featuring stand-up comic Kapil Sharma and a host of celebrities, the latest episode of Comedy Nights with Kapil is with the team of Shamitabh. Dhanush and Amitabh Bachchan share their experience of working together, while debutante Akshara Haasan talks about her role and the director, Balki.

    Cesar to the Rescue,
    NGC, Thursday, 8.30 pm
    Known to solve difficult cases concerning dogs, Cesar travels the world helping owners understand their pets and giving them tips for their care. In the latest episode, he visits Milan to find out how to treat the long-term illness of a dog. Will he be able to save it?

    Top Chef,top-chef
    AXN, Monday to Thursday, 8 pm
    The 10th season of Top Chef sees 21 contestants fighting it out for the title. With three previous winners joining the show, the latest episode has Brooke, Sheldon and Kristen coming out on top and making the best 1950s menu. Watch out for the next elimination challenge where the contestants are going to be paired for a surprise task.

    Anger Management,
    Comedy Central, Saturday, 11 pm
    Charlie Sheen plays the role of an anger management therapist, suffering the same issues he is trained to treat. In the latest episode of the series (which has ended in the US), he comes up with a new plan for his patients. He makes them stay awake for three days, thus making them open up and talk. Meanwhile, he is also dealing with his daughtera��s OCD.

    UEFA Champions League – Final 16,A�Ten Sports,A�February 18, 1.15 am
    PSG and Chelsea kick off the final-16 round of the UEFA Champions League, with all eyes on Mourinhoa��s managerial tact and Ibrahimovica��s prowess. However, the biggest game of this round is the one between Manchester City and Barcelona, on February 25. Defending champions Real Madrid face Schalke, while Bayern Munich are up against Shakhtar Donetsk.


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