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    The Fosters, Z Cafe, Monday to Friday, 10 pm
    This show is about a teenager, Callie Jacobs, and her life in a new foster house with a lesbian couple and their biological and adopted children. In the latest episode, Jacobs is sent to a therapist when she turns withdrawn. Meanwhile, the other foster kids feel jealous of her and the ease with which everybody likes her.

    impractical jokersImpractical Jokers, Comedy Central, Monday to Friday, 10 pm
    Season three is all about embarrassment. Four best friends-cum- comedians set out, giving each other dares, and at the end of the episode, the loser has to do a tough task. In the latest episode, the dare is to give away free products from a grocery store. The losera��s tough task is to act like a gymnast among a group of true gymnasts.

    TransporterTransporter, AXN, Sunday, 10 pm
    The second season premieres on February 22 with Frank Martin, the courier driver, driving people to secret missions. The latest episode sees Martin and his friend on a mission to the Sahara desert to deliver a mysterious suitcase but the weather forces them to stay in the desert. Will they escape alive?

    ultimate killersUltimate Killers, Animal Planet, Saturday and Sunday, 10.30 pm
    Veterinarian and wildlife enthusiast, Steve Leonard, takes on beasts that hunt in packs. With each episode focussing on one species, the latest sees him in Africa, following the hunting dogs there. As he watches from the woods, he realises that all the other animals in the vicinity vanish the moment they see the predators.

    roadiesRoadies X2, MTV, Saturday and Sunday, 7 pm
    Roadies is back with its 12th season this week. With auditions underway, Virender Singh (boxer), Esha Deol, Karan Kundra and Rannvijay Singh are looking to pick the best team members to lead them on adventures. The judges are seen making it hard for the contestants, with dancing, singing and physical fitness tasks.

    Liverpool's Steven Gerrard was utterly drained after the victory on an occasion for remembranceLiverpool vs Manchester City, Star Sports, 5.30 pm
    Ita��s red vs blue at Anfield, as last yeara��s runners up, Liverpool, hosts defending champions, Manchester City. Steven Gerrard may be leaving, but that is not stopping him from giving it his all for as long as he is with the club. Meanwhile, Sergio AgA?ero is in hot form, scoring goals at will. A must win for City if they are to keep the pressure on Chelsea.


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