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    Psychologist Harsheen Arora on her new project, Stupid Eye and why we wear what we do

    What if we told you that women are more likely to wear jeans when they are depressed than when happy? Harsheen Arora will surprise you with many more facts like this. a�?For instance, you are not likely to pull over your car if someone in casual clothes flagged you down,a�? says the Delhi-based psychologist and expert in fashion psychology, who studied at the Delhi University and the University of Wales, UK. a�?Someone who has been through a heartbreak will stick to comfortable clothes. But if they are made to wear the clothes they like best, it will uplift their mood,a�? adds Arora, who has also worked on a project that fuses psychology and photography.
    The project, Stupid Eyes, that was published at the World Mental Health Congress in Argentina and accepted at the International Congress of Applied Psychology in Paris, is in partnership with photographer Vipul Amar, and aims to portray a persona��s true self through a picture. a�?We initially did group sessions when we started it in 2012, but now clients sign up for one-on-one sessions that also involve a photoshoot,a�? she explains. The resultant picture is meant to show you your true self when you need it the most.
    Arora and Amara��s attempts at offering these photographs in luxury avatars featuring teak frames, also led to the creation of The V Renaissance, through which they now create a host of leather products. While celebrity chef Vikas Khanna took one of their leather bags to Cannes recently, many clients go in for their bespoke service, that translates a psycho analysis onto leather products ranging from helmets and luggage to card holders. a�?We are now working on a range of apparel for summer a�� leather bikinis and knits that you can carry off even when ita��s not winter,a�? the psychologist signs off.
    Stupid Eye and The V Renaissance consult via Skype. Bespoke services from `8,500 onwards. Details: 9811575040/thevrenaissance.com
    a�� Ryan Peppin


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