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    For their India debut, the Brussels-based jazz trio collaborates with the Mandolin Sisters


    Piloot is a Brussels-based jazz and rock band formed by three friends. Aimed at promoting intercultural interaction through music, the two-year-old band is known to travel the world and collaborate with local artists. “The performances will be built around spontaneous compositions and improvisations,” says Florian Guibert, the flautist, who will be performing in the city with Cyrille de Haes (double bassist) and Jean-Philippe de Gheest (drummer), this weekend.
    And they will be collaborating with the Mandolin Sisters (M Sreeusha and M Sireesha). “We chanced upon a video of the concert of the Mandolin sisters and were completely blown away by their music style. That was when we wanted to to play with them during our tour,” shares Haes, while Sreeusha promises that we can expect a “combination of Carnatic and western classical” interchanging the ideas of different musical approaches.
    Their India debut, a five city debut, has already seen them perform in Delhi and Bengaluru—where they performed with Trippy Sama and Oceantide—and next they will head to Ahmedabad and Chandigarh. They credit a performance with sitarist Smith Nagdev last year in Brussels, as the starting point of the Piloot meets India tour. In fact, they will be performing with her in Ahmedabad.
    “We have teamed up with musicians so far, but we wish to encounter every artistic discipline (out there), including the visual arts,” shares Guibert. They have recorded their first album, PILOOT, and an elated Haes says that they “intend to release it in the coming months in Brussels”. The album, which features five instrumental compositions, draws influence from their multi-cultural musical journey.Tomorrow, at Alliance Francaise, from 7 pm. Free passes available on eventjini.com

    —Lalitha Ranjani


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