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Neha Dhupia mentors newbies in a quest to find Kingfishera��s next top model

Judge, mentor and anchor Neha Dhupia describes the Kingfisher Supermodel Hunt Season 2 as a�?a reality show without the drama,a�� explaining that it was a challenge for her, to judge the latest bevy of professional, well-prepared girls. a�?Now I know what has changed, having been on both sides. The girls know exactly what they want and what they dona��t want,a�? she quips, adding that she wouldna��t have dared to compete with the current crop.
Challenge accepted
The 13-episode series sees Dhupia mentoring the contestants through various tasks and mixing up the competition a bit. So, expect to see the models with animals, in water, or even standing on a four-inch rod, a�?in a silver swimsuit and looking hot because the glamorous profession also involves plenty of hard work,a�� the model-actor tells us.
The hardest part of the show, Dhupia admits, was judging which girl might be on the Kingfisher Calendar. a�?What I look for is the right attitude a�� that is what separates a good supermodel from a fantastic one. How far one is willing to go. You need to be agile, active or seductive in turns. So not everyone is cut out for everything. Thata��s when mentoring kicks in,a�? she says, talking from experience.
Channel the diva
You can expect to see the ladies turn Miley Cyrus, get on a swinging ball and do a sexy version of Wrecking Ball. a�?Youa��ll see how amazingly they pull it off. I was very impressed,a�? she shares. Also catch the episode when they meet to convince their mentor that they are perfect PETA models. a�?It was not about being skinny but about the holistic look that PETA tries to promote by not eating meat. That was an interesting challenge and I look forward to seeing how it came out eventually,a�? she signs offs.
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