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    A new app wil map the nightlife in the city, with timely a�?buzzesa��.

    Buzzinga is an app for party-goers and foodies. It has a feature called a�?buzz ina�� that alerts you an hour before any event or offer begins in the city. With the focus on parties and restaurant deals at the moment, it soon plans to expand to plays, exhibitions and other events. Whata��s interesting to note is that even though there are other apps that sound similar in concept, what sets Buzzinga apart is its a�?reward pointsa�� systema��a�?buzz ina�� a certain number of times, and you might get a discount or a free cocktail. a�?Every a�?buzz ina�� has a point, which will accumulate over time. For now it just indicates an interest to go to a place, but later it will be converted into a virtual check-in,a�? begins Pavan Kripalani, co-founder, who adds that hotels like The Gateway Hotel IT Expressway, The Park and Saveraa��along with standalone places like Illusions – The Madras Puba��have signed up to update their activities (including menu changes, DJ nights, happy hours, etc).

    With a core team of three, Buzzinga was launched last month and, so far, has received a steady response. a�?With international festivals bringing down global artistes and local DJs getting more opportunities to perform, it is no surprise that the citya��s nightlife has developed multifold over the years,a�? he says. So an app like this does help. What do you think?

    Free on Android. Details: buzzinga.co

    a�� Karan Pillai


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