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    Videos that have ruled the Internet this Grammy week

    Strings attached
    Daft Punk swept the Grammys in 2014 with Get Lucky. Now Andre Antunes gives us an interesting take on it. Emulating the style, both appearance and technique, of the top guitarists of all time, he performs the funk tune. From Steve Vaia��s distinct slides and Slasha��s infamous plucks to Joe Satriania��s rhythm and Carlos Santanaa��s trademark trills, he demonstrates wonderfully their style and will inspire you to take up the guitar too! Watch out for AC/DCa��s Angus Young and Queena��s Brian May.

    Parent trap
    The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon teases the generation gap of current times. Picking up on Grammy-nominated songs, comedian Arthur Meyer asks parents, with kids in tow, to complete lyrics of songs like Nikki Minaja��s slightly vulgar Anaconda and getting them to sing Taylor Swifta��s Shake It Off and All About That Bass by Meghan Trainor. While a few hit the right notes, the rest innocently respond in a very parently way. We suggest you get your parents to play Mom and Pop Quiz too!

    Celebrating silver
    Eleven-time Grammy Bob Dylan was honoured as the 2015 MusiCares Person of the Year at a gala, and the clip was showed at the Grammy Awards ceremony on Monday. The iconic singera��s concert tribute featured performances by the likes of Norah Jones, Tom Jones, Beck, Sheryl Crowe, and Willie Nelson. Former President Jimmy Carter also acknowledged Dylana��s service, saying, a�?Dylana��s songs were more powerful than any American President!a�?
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