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Like in love and war, A�all rules are broken during a crisis, which is why even starry A�events like IPL are being questioned in these tough times

Hyderabad 360 -A�Swapna Sundari

Water water everywhere.. But not enough in Hyderabad, says an activist who is part of the water war. Although an expected phenomenon, the water crisis has hit us country wide in many areas this summer. Ita��s a misconception that water crises doesna��t affect the elite. Well sweethearts – like in love and war, all rules are broken during a crisis, which is why even starry events like IPL are being questioned in these tough times. And yes, the elite are the one who need water for their pools, for the pets, to clean their cars and what not.
Apparently it takes a lot of water to wet the ground and make it pitch perfect. Now when people have no drinking water and farmers are hit by severe situation do we need all the fringes and entertainment is the discussion point. After Maharashtra was told to shift the matches to other places declaring drought cricketers and fans reacted strongly.A�It reminds me of the movie OMG – where one cannot decide who to blame for nature-driven matters and calamities. Or whom to pass on the stress to during such times. Of course on another note I never understood why people schedule these events during this time. Perhaps rains, winter and other reasons matter too but we are not thinking water loss, severe heat and even exam season. I know a lot of parents who struggle to get their kids to study when an exciting match is on.
Senior cricketers like Sunil Gavaskar frowned at the very idea of cricket being brought into such issues. They feel that there are several other water- consuming things that can be addressed instead. We are a country where cricket is religion and I come from the television world where cricket drives TRPs. But wait. We blame governments. We discuss the rationale behind major events. We still see tankers leaking away through the road.A�I would guess that a leaky tanker travelling 20 km would waste at least 15 buckets of water, enough for a small family in these days. While people are debating away, can we as sane responsible Hyderabadis start raising an alarm and conserving water? Because every drop counts.

a�� A�The writer is a popular TV show host, radio jockey, professional singer… and most importantly, a hardcore Hyderabadi)


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