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    The demi gods of the football pitch make demands off it as well

    Theya��re generally known as divas with weekly six digit salaries, and now these A�football stars have brought their diva-ness all the way to the shores of Brazil. Clearly energy drinks and fresh fruit can no longer keep them ahead of their game. Ita��s coffee machines for each Australian, four security men for Cristiano Ronaldo and free dry-cleaning for the Iranians. But thata��s not all. We track some of the more outrageous demands from the pampered players.

    Top secret
    TheA�national team from Bosnia has a seemingly simple request a�� a sound-proof screen. The screen is to be installed between the players section and the management area so that the two parts of the team wouldna��t be able to hear what the other said about them. With the hopes of drowning out each sidea��s excitement, frustration or criticism, the acoustic screen will be installed at Casa Grande Hotel Resort & Spa in Guaruja, Sao Paulo. Clearly, the resorta��s private beach wasna��t private enough for their secrets!

    Football1bFancy French
    Settled at the swanky spa-like hotel JP in RibeirA?o Preto, SA?o Paulo, theA�contingent from France seems to be the most demanding team in town. Apart from halal meat for their Islamic players, Les Bleus asked for the rooms to be identical down to the colour of the walls, only French guards patrolling the corridors, and special liquidA�soap for showering and washing instead of bars.

    Football3fHome boys
    Nothing can beat the 82-page list that the England cricket team sent to Australia when on tour, but Roy Hodgsona��s footy lads have rather simple requests. The homely squad wants their comfort food, including baked beans and Jaffa Cakes. And one restaurant of the Royal Tulip Hotel in Rio De Janeiro where they are staying, to be reserved for them throughout. The rooms and restaurant are to be stocked with high-carb meals, peanut energy balls, re-hydration drinks, oat cakes, English mustard, organic chocolate and herbal tea. The lads also want exclusive use of the pool and gym for a few hours in the day, plus a dedicated video games room with three TVs and latest games released. Boys will clearly, always be boys!

    Going bananas
    Football5aThe squad from Ecuador are fussy about their bananas. And why not? Ecuador is the worlda��s largest producer of the fruit! Requesting that only Ecuadorian bananas be placed in every room, everyday, the team wants a slice of home. Apparently, the
    variety of the fruit may change but not the country of origin at any cost! For recreation, like the English, a video game room has been organised as well as a welcome barbecue every time the team returns from a game.

    Football2ePrecision paradise
    Coach Joachim Loewa��s German brigade wants a training centre in Santo
    Andre. Campo Bahia, as it is called, has been custom built for the team, at A?25 million. The resort, funded by the German Football Association and private companies, will be later open to the public. It is set across a sprwaling 15,000 square metres, and has 14 two-
    storey houses, 65 residential units, a fitness centre, training pitch, restaurant, pool and a beach in its backyard. So much for enjoying the atmosphere of the party country Brazil!


    -Compiled by Aakanksha Devi


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